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We tell stories for social impact. 


Our Vision

We are a media outlet that broadcasts stories of social impact and empowerment. 

Our mission is to show the process behind progress.  

We are a voice for the unsung hero's. We help people with "save the world" mentalities to broadcast their message and build a community around it. We believe that positivity and self awareness will shape a positive future for our society and our youth. Our end goal is to show people that dreams come true, and that there is always a story behind progress. 

André D. Davis

Founder, CEO

Our Founder

André "W.Y.Z.E." Davis is a Philadelphia native. He became a published poet at the age of 12, discovering his knack for translating passion and emotion through articulation of emotion. After he attended Lincoln University for Clinical Psychology, he chose to pursue a career in social services followed by business development. Experiencing all that he could for the dreams of others, André decided to make his own a reality. He now uses his passion for storytelling to empower the voices of others through art and media. His vision is to inspire curiosity and self awareness that brings about progressive change in the world.


A message from André "W.Y.Z.E."

A self-reflection with our founder André WYZE .